Living Digital

It is incredible what new technologies have been able to accomplish in the past 20 years in the area of one-way/two-way communication. It seems not too long ago I was sticking my fingers into the rotary dial of a landline phone as I was waiting what seemed forever for it to return from zero.2d89079221fbb30c8709e5b3468e97f9
I can’t really recall who I was calling, but what I can remember is that “fingers crossed” someone would be able to answer it on the other end and it was not just ringing in an empty house. Those things had the capacity to ring for ever too! Let me add, I grew up in Panama City, Central America; so things might have been a little more dated (I’m being generous in my wording lol) in 1995 there than lets say, most places in the U.S. at the time. I think my first taste of DLS internet came to be around 2002-2003 at a whopping 112kbps. Anyways, more on the internet later!

Fast forward back to the future however – comically, Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and that old beat up DeLorian touched down about 5 days ago all the way from 1985 – and communication has been completely revolutionized thanks to the meeting of digital technologies, miniaturization, powerful algorithms, human creativity and yes, the Internet. Now days, the only real wheel that serves to take a look at before trying to reach out to someone for whatever the reason, business or pleasure, is quite possibly the wheel of digital and emerging medias:

Lets not get too narcissistic here, but at the very center of it, you!

So, What Really is Emerging Media and Why Does it Matter?

It is hard to put a finger directly on what really qualifies as emerging media. After all, emerging(1), according to Merriam Webster’s definition, is something that is newly created or noticed and growing in strength or popularity. Media on the other hand is plural for medium, which in the world of communication simply refers as the means that deliver such. So what really is emerging media? Well, take a look around you.  What is trending? What is relevant? How do you communicate and build relationships in todays world? The answer is probably closer than you think. More than likely on your desk or pocket, continuously changing the way we interact with out environment. The American Journal of Business’s short hand description of emerging media is that it is communications – of all types- based on digital technologies, and increasingly interactive components(2).

The world of communications is rapidly changing. It seems like every day a new social network or communication app becomes available that somehow integrates or blurs the line between what is virtual and what is real – it is all around us. Social networks, blogs, forums, instant messaging, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, business platforms, you name it, the list goes

From a marketing perspective, emerging media plays a key role in understanding the potential customer. Being able to track and measure their reactions and interactions with a brand helps businesses and organizations figure out the best ways to appeal to their audience. From a consumer point of view, its gives us the ability to connect with huge aspects of our lives in an extraordinary variety of ways. It allows us to connect with distant family, network with like-minded people, learn new skills at the drop of a hat, connect with out favorite brands, and more importantly, order Domino’s online with a simple 🍕 emoji on a Monday night… 🙌🏼

What is your perspective of emerging media?