Hyper-Connected with the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been in the world spotlight lately. With its projected ability to expand connectivity and provide feedback from all of our objects in our homes and potentially everywhere else, it is no surprise it is being acknowledged as one of the most interesting and game changing developments of our time.

As of late, our cars have been getting the latest and greatest upgrades technology is able to provide. We are able to tell when routine car maintenance is needed thanks to sensors in our cars that provide feedback  to the vehicles dashboard or at times our connected phones. Car play ,by Apple, and its other counterparts are able to sync to our Bluetooth enabled phones as soon as we enter the vehicle allowing our companion smartphones to tell us exactly how long it will take us to get to work even when we really don’t let them know we were headed to work thanks to accurate guesswork courtesy of location tracking, and amazing algorithms. While some might find this amount of vehicle technology overwhelming to think about, there are others that are utilizing the IoT and expanding upon the connected life concept by further developing technologies that may seem intrusive at first light but in reality become quite helpful.

Hello Connected Biometrics


Driver recognition, eye guided hands-free, annoying beeping when you look anywhere else but the road and coffee sales person at the same time, these features will definitely seed an ever streaming amount of data into the cloud that could possibly serve a higher purpose for businesses and customers al together.

Um, Hello Biometric Based Insurance Plans?

 at TrendHunter Magazine explains best. Just as routine car maintenance leads to good automotive health, key players in the auto and insurance industry are putting biometric systems to use for the upkeep of mental, physical and emotional well-being of drivers and passengers. Some of the most standout examples of this include projects like Jaguar’s Mind Sense, Toyota’s use of Kinect technology to identify owners, the health-monitoring Kia Cub Concept and the drowsiness-detecting 2016 Nissan Maxima. In terms of show, the Lexus RC F ‘Heartbeat Car’ combines biometric technology with electro-luminescent exterior paint to display the driver’s pulse.


Sooner than later, connected biometric scanners will be all around us. In the world of vehicles that means that we might get rewarded or possibly even snubbed for driving habits that we did not even think of as beneficial or detrimental when in reality the only thing in our minds in munching down our cheeseburger as we switch lanes struggling to make it to work on time.






One thought on “Hyper-Connected with the IoT

  1. pbcarder November 30, 2015 / 9:52 pm

    It seems IoT technology in automobiles is ramping up quickly as companies see an opportunity or need for quick market entry in terms of third-party technology. I’ve noticed throughout the past month TV advertising has picked up regarding these new products.


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